Sunday, September 16, 2012

Why Are There So Many Kids With Food Allergies?

Have you been wondering this for years? Do you have a neighbor with a 9 month old baby who is allergic to apples,or kiwis or bananas, like I do? Do you wonder why you can't pack Peanut Butter in your kids sandwich forlunch? Grrrr...that's the only thing they eat! Or why when you go to all the trouble of making a great cake and serving ice cream or buying a stack of boxes of pizza and some Mom shows up with all her own food for her kids at your kid's birthday party? Is she paranoid? Not trust you?

Or maybe you are the Mom, and it seems like no matter what you do, your kid's allergies are increasing or flaring up more frequently, and you have to inspect everything...and you are at your wits end. Do you wonder what the hell happened for FOOD to suddenly be dangerous to our children?

I didn't at first. Honestly when my son was allergic to dairy, we didn't buy organic milk 9 years ago, I just thought it was him. When he showed up with more allergies, to nuts and ended up in ER, I thought it was genetically my fault. My tongue itched once when I had a walnut when I was seven and I thought it was genetic. But when he and I turned out to be gluten intolerant and then this year when he suddenly developed a red rash around his mouth and we discovered it was a Carageenan allergy, I really had to begin to give up my resignation and wonder what the hell was going on.
Carageenan turned out to be a food thickener in everything good to a nine year old, most pizza sauces, hot dogs, ice cream, lunch meat and lots of candy.
This was not normal and couldn't just be genetic...too many other people on the internet and at his school had the same rash. WHY was he suddenly allergic to this?
What if he got teased?

I did my research, read "The Unhealthy Truth" and learned that studies have shown and doctors around the world have proven that genetically modified foods are the cause.
The GM food is engineered with a pesticide, BT Toxin, injected into the DNA of the corn or soy which is designed to explode the stomach of the bug when it eats it. Our kids and we eat this corn or soy and our stomachs slowly errode, causing leaky gut syndrome (a hugely rising phenomena in pediatricians offices), which is when tiny particles of food escape from the holes in the lining of our stomachs and the body sees the food particle as a foreign invader and attacks it. It then recognizes this food as an allergen every time we eat it. It also makes the third generation of rats who ate this food sterile and caused infant mice mortality, cancer and reduced growth.
WE KNOW NOW. To really get the whole picture,
watch "Gentic Roulette" for free until Sept 22, 2012.

What to do? EAT ORGANIC! Eat only non GMO. If it is not organic or doesn't say Non gmo it is GMO in American grocery stores ( not anywhere else in the world by the way, we are the only ones who allow it, so the manufactuers make if cheaper for us, ,GMO and with non GMO ingredients for other countries)
What else? Heal your stomach and your kids stomach by eating mostly fruits and veges (organic) and using supplements like MSM or IntestiNew and Probiotics to restore the good bacteria in our digestive system. HEAL THYSELF with organic food. It will take weeks or months, but we can do it.

Also SHARE this movie with your friends! WE are making history together!
This is possibly even bigger than civil rights because this affects a grave injustice to all human races in the USA. GMO's are literally foreign invaders attacking us, not just on our own soil but in our own bodies.

If California gets this passed then it will affect the entire United States.
The movie "Genetic Roulette" and this information seems daunting, but what I learned that inspired me was that we have won many battles for REAL FOOD before, maybe not you and I, but our USA champions for food all over America, those previously imagined "wacky hippie types" have given their time, their energy, their sleepless nights and worn out feet up to standing, chanting, sharing, writing, emailing and posting on Facebook, every day, so that you and I can pick up a box of cookies for our kids that says non-gmo verified. They defeated GMO wheat and GMO potatoes. They defeated GMO rice! I did not know that! Marvelous! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!
Now we just want the companies who are GMO to say "Made with GMO food" so everyone else who doesn't know about GMO's will begin to wonder too...

Because when we give up our resignation that allergies just are that way, or cancer just happened to happen to my mom or sis or me....when we wonder what the cause is and what is possible....we create miracles, prosperity and freedom in the world.

Zen Honeycutt

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