Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year No Hope

There have probably been a couple hundred thousand blogs posted about a bright new year, new resolutions and peace, joy and hope in the coming year.
Not this one.

Yes I have new resolutions, but straight up, HOPE has nothing to do with any of them.
I am done with hope. And I don't mean that in a cynical way, seriously.
I am just complete with ever hoping ....
I see HOPE the context of a breathy sigh and raising of the eyebrows, "Well this year we hope it's going to be different." or "I hope I can finally do that this year, God willing, We'll see..."
I am DONE with that.

Hope, as I see it now, is for people who are not yet willing to take responsibility for their lives. Yes, God has willed. God, life, the universe... has willed that we have choice. God does not put before you anything that you can't handle, some say, so if it's before you, saying that we hope that something about our situation is going to change or improve is just a cop out. It's just waiting for someone else to do something about it...or for God. Well if you are there and you see God as your guide, you are there because God put you there and God sees you are ready to take ACTION.

Hope is for people who are not seeing their own power. We are all infinitely powerful. We are all cut from the same cloth as the Dali Lama, Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King. All of us. We all have the infinite ability to alter any situation on a whim. If we do not like the relationship we have with a teacher, friend or family hope that it will be different someday is simply not being present to the power we each have to take responsibility and BE The ONE to take action to have it be different. What kind of world would we be living in now if Martin Luther King had "Hoped" things would change someday?
He was made of no different DNA than you or me. Maybe we don't all choose to be leaders for civil rights. Maybe we don't choose to be leaders for human, animal or environmental rights...maybe not even for school or church...that's ok... but what about being a leader in our own lives?

I saw this recently when I looked at the down and dirty of a few relationships where I had complaints about a few people. I saw how judgmental I was being about these people being hypocritical and yucky is that?
I was avoiding responsibility for the relationships by writing them off as judgmental and so that was that. I secretly hoped that they will learn to like me someday by if they don't, oh well!

Nope. DONE with that.
No more hope. All there is is seeing what is missing, what actions I can take and to look at who I am being around those relationships. Who am I being that I experience that they don't like me? What's my part?
I've been human, being judgmental and with holding.
That's not what I am committed to. I am committed to being fully self expressed, grateful and loving.
I am committed to being Creative, Courageous and FUN.
That takes ACTION, not hope.It starts with me.
So I look forward to writing again about conversations that transform those relationships, about authentic freedom, joy and fun.
That is a NEW year that I truly look forward to CAUSING.
I don't hope you have a Happy New Year.
I challenge you to cause one.

With Love
Zen Honeycutt

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