Saturday, October 27, 2012

2012 The End of the World as We Know It

It's happening. A shift in consciousness. Maybe not for everyone, but it is happening. And it's huge. There are people who see the world in a completely different way than a few years ago, or even 6 months ago. We look around and we cannot ever see the world the same way again. We can never go back.

Think about it...if you have seen "Genetic Roulette" movie, if you have watched "Forks over Knives "Corn Kings", "The Future of Food" or "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" the way you view food, your health, the governemnt and your life is completely transformed from a year ago.

Look down any aisle of a main stream grocery store and all you see is crap. What was once a row of viable food options is now a disgusting, greedy marketing ploy that you are no longer blinded to. Junk food, red food dye, corn syrup containing genetically modified food, cheap food fillers, aspartame, MSG, Nitrates and Sulfites, pesticides and preservatives scream like irritating toddlers to be picked up. NO.

Look down any main street USA, on the edge of town by the car dealerships and all you see are fast food joint signs blaring. All they serve is crap. Cheap, fast, easy crap. What used to be a treat for the kids and yourself is now an establishment that evokes memories of bloated aching stomach aches and regretful trips to the toilet.

Look down any road in a farming town and all we see are fields of crap crops.
GMO corn covered in pesticides doesn't even taste like corn and that the farmers won't even eat. Corn that has pesticides inside the DNA that is designed to reproduce and explode the stomach of the bug that eats it. An expensive experiment on mankind and the environment that is not working. A crappy solution to feeding the world.

Watch any TV show and all you see are commercials for crap. Weed killer, cheap chips, GMO corn syrup based candy or soda dancing before your eyes. Now you can see though, and you know, none of it works for your body, most of it doesn't work for the environment, and it doesn't work for our society, to be constantly consuming products made of plastic and pressed wood with chemicals,and food made of cheap ingredients toxic to the body, is just one crappy idea after another flashing on the screen.

One would think that seeing crap everywhere would be a miserable way to live. It is, at times, if I am not present to choice.
The thing is there has long been crap everywhere, I just didn't see it. Now I am present to choice. Now I know and I have the ability to take actions correlate to what I am committed to. This is a wonderful way to live and an extremely empowering perspective.

I, we, have choice. We are not being force fed in a labor camp. We are not starving in a desert. Even if you WIC coupons for food, you still have choice, you can choose the food you eat. You can alter your health through your choices. We have much to be grateful for.

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity I have to choose my food, alter my health and my families' health, performance in life and entire future. I have a Mother's, Trader Joe's, Sprouts and several international markets within a ten minute drive in any direction with healthy options. I have a Farmer's Market with fresh organic veges and fruits every Friday outside my local library. The fact is, if I didn't see the other options as crap I wouldn't see these alternative options as valuable. They would only occur to me as other options and basing my life on convenience, as Americans are wont to do, I would merely go for the closest, cheapest and fastest option. Convenience once occurred to me as the smartest choice. My consciousness has shifted. That view has ended. Smart is no longer the most convenient. Smart is the one that offers the most value according to what works for the health of my family.

This shift not only affects our food and health... once I started questioning the status quo in food and health I began to see other areas of my life where I have been blind to what really works. The ending brought forth a beginning. Financial choices, time management, leadership choices and involvement with my community...I see now I can choose rather than just go with what is normally expected. My husband and I can create from our partnership rather than convenience. This empowers us and our children to do things like; give when we feel like receiving, create art when we feel like watching, share when we feel like retreating, hike when we feel like sitting and speak up when we feel like quitting. There may be crap around us, but we are seeing the gold and choosing to live life in a way that works for us.
For me 2012 was the end of the world as I knew it.
I am grateful that this is the year I woke up.

Thank you to all the peaceful warriors for an empowered planet. You know who you are. I love you.

Zen Honeycutt

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