Friday, August 31, 2012

Make LIFE Good Art

Watching author Neil Gaiman's graduation speech

has me inspired to look at where I "Make Good Art" as he promotes...and where my life itself might be good art.

Where can I or have I faced everything and anything....
Family drama? His suggestion is "Make Good Art"...
Flop in public speech? "Make Good Art"...
Tantrum at the restaurant? "Make Good Art"...

I get now, that I can do this...anytime, anywhere. That's what being an Inspired Parent is, creating...making good art no matter what.

I never had a daughter. I cried for days when I realized I never would and still do when I see an adorable girl in a commercial or a pretty heart mourned for the massive loss of never having a girl. All that I will miss out on, all that I cannot pass on...all that I cannot witness...
or not?

Our exchange student from Hong Kong arrived last night. It was so exciting to make a sign for her, my temporary daughter, and hug her with a full, full heart when she ran to greet us. She is adorable, a 17 year old that looks like 14. Bright, happy, caring and outgoing, she is condensed awesome. She plays with the boys like a long lost big sister. She takes interest in the boys Pokemon and legos and I look forward to shopping with her. She shares stories of Hong Kong and brings a new culture and perspective into our home. To me, creating several months of adventure with her and our boys will be making LIFE as Good Art.

It has me wonder where else I can "Make Good Art."

Zen Honeycutt
Contact Pamela Michelle at CETUSA if you are interested in hosting a student from another culture!

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