Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Channeling of Outrage

I want to scream it from the mountain tops. I want to grab my neighbors and shake them. I want to take my friends by the hand, haul them to my coach, sit them down and tell them to not move until they watch "Genetic Roulette" or "The World According toMonsanto" Or Robyn O'Brien's Ted talk and force them to learn what I have learned about the shocking status of our food. But I can't. Well, I could but I would be branded a looney and avoided at all costs. People wouldn't even want to look at me, never mind listen to a suggestion on how to spend 84 minutes of their time.

So I stew in frustration and boil with belligerence. I even get mad at everyone. God Dang 'em ALL! I think. Someone looks at me with resentful disbelief, gets red in the face when I try to convince them to watch the movie, and the little angry voice in my head sputters. "Fine. don't learn. Eat junk and die." Seriously. Maybe if you are that stubborn and want to be that stupid you deserve not to have your genes passed on. Yeah, that's right, rats who ate GMOs were sterile by the third generation. If you don't wanna know now, well, you'll find out later. May take a few generations, but you will. In the mean time, don't come crying to me when you have cancer.

I know.Terrible. But I am just outraged. I am outraged that there are toxins in 70% of our food, that explode the stomachs of bugs when they eat the corn, that doctors say are slowly erroding our stomachs, causing leaky gut, inflammation and possibly stomach ulcers, cancer autism and alzheimer. Tests have shown animals that eat GMOs get tumors and become infertile/sterile! And babies are drinking these foods in their formula! Why have infant mortality rates doubled and tripled in just six years from 1996-2002 in California since GMO soy was put in formula? Are they linked? Kids are eating these foods in schools! Hospitals are serving this food to patients on the brink of death! Outrageous!
I am also outraged by the avoidance of people and organizations that aren't motivated to find out about what is in their food. I am outraged by the hold convenience has on our society. Everyone wants, easy, cheap, fast and tasty, no matter what the cost. People don't want to know because it's hard! I could just scream and punch convenience in the face. But this I really can't do, because it's a concept.

What I can do, is do something about it. When I first found out that genetically modified foods are the reason for all my kids allergies and the stress and strife around food and health, I swore to do one thing a day. Now after sharing with thousands, handing out flyers, sharing the movie and speaking with school principals and doctors about it, I find I am compelled to do far more than one thing. It has become my driving passion to be a part of freeing Americans from the toxins in our food. I know not everyone will take this on, but I am. I can start with my community.

So before Thanksgiving break I asked my preschool director if I could help the school go GMO free and organic. She had watched Genetic Roulette. We knew that what kids eat during preschool years directly correlates with whether or not they get cancer as adults. She gave me her budget and agreed. I hoped I wasn't being naive. I went to Sprouts and Trader Joe's and bought several options of organic snack crackers and priced out organic apples, oranges, bananas and pears. I made a spread sheet pairing one snack cracker and one fruit, figured out how many of each was needed. After moving some selections around and created a plan that was UNDER Budget. There it was. Organic, GMO Free and easy to do.

THIS could make a difference. A lot bigger difference than screaming my head of and getting mad. So I emailed out to over 100 Moms and offered it to thousands on Facebook. The response was great and I got that offering solutions rather than problems is always way more effective.

My anger disappeared and what is left is total gratitude for the partnership with Mrs. Lukes, the committed preschool director who was willing to watch "Genetic Roulette" in the first place. Her willingness inspired me to hep many more schools.I am grateful for her daughter, a Mom and nurse who inspires her to eat more organic. I am grateful for Moms everywhere, doing whatever they can to take care of their kids. I also get that I have been dealing with my kids life threatening allergies for nine years and finally just found out about all this. Maybe I could grant some space to people for whom food doesn't seem to be a problem, and enjoy them, where ever they are in their path. It may not always be easy, I may need to belt out a holler now and then, or maybe just cry. But each day that I take an action to share, serve others and savor the preciousness of life, I have fulfillment that brings peace no matter what.
Thank you very much to everyone who has read my posts, shared with your friends, chosen organic, and faced the inconvenience of food with a new found courage and commitment to health. I love your willingness and I am inspired by what we can do together!

Zen Honeycutt

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  1. I just love this. I have certainly felt some of the same feelings you expressed in the first few paragraphs. Love how you've acted on it. Great inspiration!