Sunday, January 20, 2013

How a 4 year old IS Transformation

A thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance.

Transformation to me is altering who I am being, how I see the world, how I react and choosing who I am versus just allowing circumstances, resignation and doubt make my decisions for me. Transformation for me is choosing integrity, power, full self expression, freedom and peace of mind.

I get very introspective about this and I take seminars to expand my life and what's possible for my family. Sometimes it seems a serous business.
Other times, the transformation is available right in front of me in my 4 year old.
Here are some examples:

Bronson,"Mom, YOU SAID two minutes."

Bronson, "Mom, I'm going to be an astronaut."
Bodee,"Well astronauts are really good at math."
Ben, "Let's teach him math!"
Bronson, "Okay!"

Ten minutes later..
Bronson, "Mommy ask me a math question!"
Me, "What's two plus two?"
Bronson, "Noooooo, I know that one, four,ask me another one."
Me," What's three plus four?"
Counts under his breath with his fingers by touching them to his nose, "Seven!"
Beaming face and math questions under ten become his favorite game.

Full Self Expression
Me," Bronson put your socks and shoes on."

Bronson and Bodee playing a game.
Bodee,"First you have to go here and then under the bridge and past the trolls, and THEN you win."
Bronson picks up his piece and put's it on the last square. "Nope. I win."

Peace of Mind
Ten minutes after the dust has settled from a Mommy breakdown of some forgettable random mess that Bronson made, Bronson comes over to me, holds my face in his hands and looks at me lovingly in the eyes. "Mommy are you happy now?"
Heart melts. I see that he just wants me to chose to be happy now, because it's time to be. Me, "Yes, yes I am."

Bronson reminds me that I can scream, win,learn, be my word and choose peace of mind and happiness in a moment.
It's up to me.

The other day, my newly ten year old was sad. His father asked him what was going on with him and he said."I don't want to grow up. I want to be a little kid and I'm not anymore. Sometimes I wish I could just stop growing."

The sullen and sulky expressions of pre teens used to irritate me. I see them in a new light now. Perhaps they are not trying to give us a hard time. Perhaps they are having a hard time...adjusting from the freedom and power of being a magical "little kid" that makes things up and plays with everything and screams when they want, to the new responsibility of being a "big kid".

What might be missing, as we grow, is seeing that we have a responsibility to fulfill on our potential, to have integrity, power, full self expression, freedom and peace of mind no matter what age.

Zen Honeycutt

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