Monday, April 12, 2010

Ode to California

I Live Where….

I live where the seasons sing in songs of sun,
Glowing,encouraging ,
Searing white light,
Gentle, comforting,
And soft, furtive sun.

I live where the Eucalyptus kiss the sky,
Swaying with long tendrils of sophisticated leaves,
Trunks reveal ridiculous peach and lavender
beneath layers of delicate cool grey skin.

I live where the freeways and fences are draped with gentle jasmine,
Hypnotically intoxicating.
Where walls between dense apartment complexes are topped with
Fiercely fuscia Bougainville, screaming “Fiesta!”

I live where hummingbirds bob between Bottlebrush,
Lush pink balls of nectar and flirty fun.
Where fluorescent purple Jacaranda scatter their petals like confetti
On grateful sidewalks…giving morning dogwalkers and
moms with strollers a reason to wonder…What color, What beauty!

I live where the luscious ocean goes on forever,
Licking my feet in the soft millennial sand.
Smoothing the purple, spotted and green jade rocks,
Unleashing wave after wave after wave endlessly…

I live where the rolling hills of green velvet
turn into brown and yellow fodder for fires.
Where earthquakes roll through Easter brunch and we…
laugh and sit and sip our lemonade by the pool,
in the sublime sun and the shade of the palms.

Zen Honeycutt

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