Thursday, April 1, 2010

Women Freakin' Rock!

This blog is a shout out to Girlfriends. To Women. To Sisters and Moms.

Tonight was MY night to meet my dear, dear friend Sandi at the spa at the pool. I make sure to have a rock solid night once a month ( for a Mom that's pretty good, I know for you single ladies that is dreadful) where we get together for tea or a soak in the jacuzzi. This time she surprised me. She brought my favorite Chamomile tea to the Jacuzzi and surprise! Blueberry muffins and a pink candle. She lit it and with gracious love, sang Happy Birthday to me and gave me a big smacking kiss on the cheek.
The fact that this busy women made the time to bring gluten free muffins, and take time out from therapy with her special needs child, just moved me.
I had tears in my eyes as I made a secret wish for really good things to happen and realized that this wonderful, loving and beautiful girlfriend of mine gave me my bonus birthday wish this year.

See, my birthday on Tuesday was exactly as I asked for, I told my husband that I wanted Chinese take out for dinner, to open my presents at home, and then go to Yogurtland for tasty frozen yogurt topped with delicious fruity and candy toppings. He gave me exactly what I asked for, plus flowers, and a beautiful necklace, He was my Birthday Hero. His efforts showed the boys that birthdays are fun and that celebrating each other is important. He gave me a happy birthday and it was perfect.

What I didn't even realize until I saw Sandi whip out a lighter and lite the candle, was that now I was going to be able to make my Birthday wish.

That's what girlfriends and sisters and Moms do I realized, they do what our men don't do even when what our men do is PERFECT. Women do things that are just different from men. We finish each other's sentences, we agree with each other and validate every single feeling we ever had, we cry with each other just because and we listen and listen and listen. And oh yeah, talk.

So tonight I give a shout out to Arikka, my first friend, since nursery school, who sang at the top of her lungs with me, Whitney Houston's "We are the Children" in the rain in a canoe in my childhood pond, and let me be free to be me.

I give a shout out to Melanie, my roommate from Brooklyn, who taught me how to dance to "Bonita Applebum" in boarding high school and gave this half white girl some moves and confidence away from home.

I give a shout out to Teresa, my NYC big sista. To Plana who got me Out, after three weeks of holing up from a break up and swearing off men, to go out swing dancing at Mid Summer Night Swing in NYC...where I met my husband.

I give a shout out to Gigi for inspiring me to GO! travel and to Cathy for inspiring me to be a stay at home Mom. And to Christine and Julie for enabling me to be a more peaceful Mom.

I give a shout out to Jennifer, Anisa, Maki and my sister Chi and my Mom...who all love me and listen to me and see me only as the best Mom and wife a woman could be. Who "get me" to me very core and let me fall apart, blubber and sigh...knowing full well that I will pick myself up again, but not in that moment....and it's ok.

I honor women for all the grace, love and compassion that we naturally embody. I am so thrilled to be one of allow myself to be soft,to cry when I am moved and to love pink. Thank you for being a girlfriend to somebody, whomever you are, you contribute more than can be expressed in words.

Zen Honeycutt

This picture is an older picture, but of a very happy girly time when both my sister and I were pregnant. Look how happy my Mom is! Isn't she adorable?

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