Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Future of Being Buzz

I showed my 4 year old the above picture of the new astronaut suits. His eyes open wide and he stopped breathing. When he finally did, he gushed, "I want to be an astronaut! Because then I could be Buzz Light Year!"

I think NASA might be purposely recruiting the next generation of astronauts. That is some pretty clever long term planning. I guess they don't get to be astronauts for nothing!

A hour or so later Bronson came up to me with his brothers.
"Mom ask me a math question," he said in his cute little voice.
"Okay, what's 2+2?"
Bronson already knew that one so he asked me to ask him another one.
"okay what's 2+4?" I asked.
Bronson raised two fingers on one hand and four fingers on the other and then touched each finger to his nose as he counted in whispers to himself.
"6!" he said with a beaming face,
He asked me to ask him more, and one after another, 5+1, 3+3, 4+3 etc...he go them all right.

"WOW!" I said "You are very smart!" I was really quite stunned that my just turned four year old was adding.
"Yeah" Bronson said, none too humbly, "I am going to be an astronaut and Ben said astronauts are good at math."
"Yeah so we taught him math!" my 7 year old Bodee chimed in.
Ben patted Bronson on the back and said "You are the smartest 4 year old ever, Bronson."

I realized what had happened was that Bronson created a future for himself, one that EXCITED him, one that he looked forward to living into, and when he found out part of that future was learning math, he just did it.
It wasn't hard, it wasn't tedious, it was fun.

So I look today, where ever I am resisting life, where ever I think something is hard, what does the future look liek to me in that area? Most likely, it's not an exciting one. But it could be....if I just think, hold my breath and then burst out the declaration for my new future!

Here's to being inspired by our kids to create future that excite us!
Go Buzz Light Year! To Infinity and BEYOND!

Zen Honeycutt


  1. Zen, you are My Hero. Thank you for your inspired thoughts. Since my son is grown, has "turned out", and has his own family in Texas now, I am still using "Inspired Parenting" on myself, as I move from critical parenting that I grew up with, to being nurturing to myself as I face new challenges in learning and retaining what I learn in the ever advancing multimedia field. Thank you so much!