Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Creating Our Own Truths

Whole wheat bread, good for you. Lies!
Milk does a body good. Lies!
Formula that is healthy because it is made with the same essential minerals and vitamins as in breast milk? Lies.
Corn flakes; wholesome goodness in every bite (with GMO pesticides), Ensure; packed with vitamins (dyes and high fructose corn syrup), refreshing ice tea (with corn syrup, dyes and aspartame), healthy fruit juice (with high fructose corn syrup), better-for-you diet soda (with aspartame), healthy soy milk (with GMO soy)...lies,lies,lies.

I could go on and on. It baffles me how many friends I now have that also know that the majority of what the media is feeding us as advertising about food is literally all lies...and yet how they still get away with doing it. The public is beginning to know....so why do the lies still work?
Now in other countries, where Grandma makes the bread in the morning and the milk comes from a cow in the back yard, these above statements may be true. But I am talking about here, in America with our current factory farming system and food company conglomerates. There are millions of people for whom the current advertising is a farce.

There has been oodles of noodles of research to show that wheat and gluten is an allergen for millions ( 1 in 4 women over 30), and even some data that shows processed wheat is not healthy for anyone. And yet, it's in almost everything processed. There are entire aisles of food, several ailes in a row, that I just don't walk down. There is no point. It all has cheap filler highly processed wheat in it. It's making us fat, tired, irritable, headachy, rashy, unfocused and distracted at school and work, and stops our bodies from absorbing the vitamins and minerals we need.

The New York Times ran an article yesterday saying "Got Milk? You Don't Need It."
When for years and years we have been forced to swallow a concept that we won't grow properly if we don't have out three glasses of milk a day. This has been such a truth for some parents that they get tight lipped when their offspring bring up the truth and think it's an offense to their parenting skills. It has nothing to do with parenting and everything to do with major food companies and factory farmers part of a broken system making money.

Formula for babies. The lies they are telling around soy formula in particular are criminal. Soy has been shown, reeatedly in scietific tests, to cause goiters, pancreatic, stomach and colorectal canceer,cause thyroid malfunction, increase estrogen levels and alter the hormonal makeup of children. Sound healthy? Genetically modified soy is in 80% of our soy and is even worse. It has some of the same proteins as peanuts and other foods and when they are exposed to peanuts or the other foods after having GMO soy, they react to the peanuts because their body thinks it's the GMO protiens and voila, life threatening allergies have increased 265% in the past 15 years in children alone. See:http://www.robynobrien.com/the_unhealthy_truth

Synthetic Food dyes in cookies, candy, drinks, cheese, ice cream etc has shown to exacerbate ADHD and cause ADHD like behavior in children without ADHD. When I am volunteering at school, and see an agitated student, who repeatedly disrupts my child's classroom, eating sugar coated cookies for a snack with blue and red sprinkles on it, I want to scream. Parents need to know the truth!

We need to create new truths for ourselves. We can avoid the lies on TV by just choosing to watch quality movies and documentaries on Netflix and Youtube. We can choose to go to Farmer's Markets, bring organic food to parties, buy the whole food that heals and makes us healthy and vote with our money. My kids are under no illusion that they should eat any food other than what works for them and that what they see as commercials are just as much for entertainment as the cartoons they are watching. They are just words to them. Not truths.

Our truth is that kale is delicious, has more calcium than cow's milk and it is a regular part of our diet. Coconut milk ice cream is is divine. Rice milk and water are our staple drinks. Our truth is that sweets without food dyes are much sweeter and that fruit and veges are always in our meal and first choice. Our truth is Gluten Free is the way to be.

May you find and define your own truths. May you sweep aside the lies that are being promoted as truths and see the reality of food. May you be a part of spreading the truth and creating a country of integrity and health. Because ignorance is not bliss, it is subjugation and choosing entrapment. The truth is what works for you, not for them.

Zen Honeycutt

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