Saturday, July 7, 2012

The New Wonder Woman

There are areas of my life that aren't working. We all have some. Some of us may be cloaked in a cover up of "FINE"...that's okay. Eventually you'll come out into the vulnerable world of being a human and throw up your arms and scream "HELP!"...even if it is only in your head. And once in a while...out a whisper...
It's okay to do that. To allow yourself to see what isn't working and admit something isn't be in a space of vulnerability and openness.
From there you can wonder.

Wonder is my new thing.
Before I took Landmark Education classes, I was right about everything. Sometimes I still am, but now I know I am being that way. Now, whenever something isn't working I can actually see past the wall of Righteousness I used to be, I can see past my myriad of reasons and bulletproof bulls**t. I can see past my pity party and blame on the economy, government, parents, husband, kids, time and money...and instead wonder about what is possible.

Once I speculate and know what I want I can wonder about what pathways would have me get there.
I have training now in creating Structures for Fulfillment that will empower me to get there. And they have. I have accomplished things I never though possible...third child, born at home with midwife and doula, reinvented family relationships, raised nearly 25,000 dollars for various causes, wrote three books in less than a year, rehauled our finances and tripled our living space and saved money, tripled my business sales...these structures work! Hot Damn!

So why isn't everything in my life working?
Why aren't I exercising regularly? Have a grip on my sons allergies and taking a regular stand for Real Food and NO GMO's? Have a structure for spirtuality and have social outings planned with girlfriends?
Because I think...ohh it's all FINE. I have other areas of my life that work fine.
Until they don't.

I wonder...if I didn't wait until something wasn't working...what would my life be like? If instead of fixing things when they weren't working...what if I was creating continuously? Would I have no problems?

Here's the thing about that. We think that "there shouldn't be" problems in life. Consider that there is a lot more freedom in "In Life there ARE problems".
So if there ARE problems, simply by living...what problems would be worthy of your life?
and creating Structures for Fulfillment for those problems worthy of my life today.
Because NOW being a Wonder Woman doesn't mean "doing it all" but stopping and wondering what is working, what I am creating and if it is worthy of my life.
Wishing you joy in creating too.

Zen Honeycutt
P.S. Thanks to Fred my coach and Shala my seminar leader at Landmark Education for the contribution you are to my life.

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  1. Zen you are really amazing. I love what you share. I remember an inspirational share you spoke 6 or so months ago about going on vacation with your family, and how you created a breakthrough going from victim of things not going as you had planned, to the loving appreciation of your husband.
    Thank you for your contribution to us all. Bonnie Erdrich